Surface Mount Delineators


Surface-Mounted, Impact Resilient Delineator

The Carsonite Channelizer is a flexible, surface-mounted delineator which is capable of withstanding numerous vehicle impacts due to its unique design. During an impact, the stress from the impact is transferred to the channelizer's flexible, surface-mounted base. Ideal for a variety of applications including concrete islands, medians and parking. Available if flat (3" surface) style and round (2.25' diameter) style. 3.3 lbs. each (36")

COLORS: Post: White (01), Yellow (02), Orange (04).

Base: Black

INSTALLATION: Use mastic adhesive pads or epoxy listed below.

Reflective Sheeting

Add reflective sheeting to your Carsonite posts and markers for added visibility.

Available in: 

  • Hi-Intensity sheeting COLORS: White (01), Yellow (02), Orange (04), Red (05), Green (07), Blue(08)