Extendable Highway Monuments

Berntsen W1ABC Highway MonumentW1PBC Plastic Highway MonumentBerntsen Extendable Highway Survey Monuments

The extendable Highway Monument was the first monument design developed by Berntsen. It was designed to meet the needs of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for a compact and lightweight monument that offered good stability in the ground and more permanence than concrete. It was designed to be set in roadways. The monument can be extended upward as new pavement overlays are added.

The monument design incorporates a break-off feature which allows for the recovery of the point even if the top of the monument is lost.

The Extendable Highway Monument is available in two models:

•          W1ALC Extendable Break-off Monument (Aluminum Base and Survey Cap)

•          W1PBC Extendable Break-off Monument (Plastic Base, Bronze Survey Cap)

A variety of extensions are available to raise the monument when the pavement is overlayed. Two styles of spanner wrenches (for soil or pavement) are available to remove the survey cap.

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Berntsen Extendable Highway Survey Monuments