While technology continues to improve the accuracy and efficiency of survey work in the field, it is also important that collected data makes its way into equally accurate and efficient mapping systems. 

Fortunately, web-based mapping tools have now been developed, tested, and used by surveyors to share highly detailed digital maps to colleagues and clients alike using nothing more than a standard web browser.


The added convenience of web-based mapping systems allow surveyors to compile and add a variety of different data types to a single map that can be stored securely in the cloud. Let’s dive into some of the features these web-based systems provide for surveyors:


The ability to deliver rich, interactive survey data quick and easily

Depending on the project in question, there can be any number of parties interested in having access to monument records. Traditionally, getting mapping data to everyone invested in the project meant copying, transferring, and reformatting data to fit the varying needs and capabilities of everyone involved.


Now, with web-based survey mapping applications such as uGRIDD’s Data2Map, surveyors can centralize their monument records online, making it accessible to everyone involved through a user-friendly interface that anyone can navigate. The cloud-based format makes it possible to access your monument maps anywhere you can get online, completely eliminating standalone software. Using Data2Map, surveyors can reference monument maps at all stages of the project––even in the field via mobile devices.


Concerned about keeping your data secure online? The uGRIDD collection uses username and password protection to ensure you know exactly who has access to survey maps. 

Overlay a variety of data onto the same survey map 

Using uGRIDD’s web tools, you can quickly visualize a wide array of information stored on different file formats into easy-to-read, customizable visual cues charted precisely onto a digital map.


This makes uGRIDD the perfect solution for surveyors who compile field data in multiple data formats and struggle to combine these formats into one location. Data2Map makes it possible to process and present your geo location data in MS Excel, CSV, KML, or Shapefile formats onto an interactive map your team and clients can easily navigate via computer or mobile device. 


In addition to these features, Data2Map also features worldwide projections to accommodate any project’s requirements.


uGRIDD’s Data2Map is a powerful web-based application that not only gives survey teams a convenient, time-saving way to compile organized data onto a digital map, but also offers a way to provide attractive and functional survey deliverables to clients and colleagues in search of an easy way to locate monuments quickly and accurately.


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