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To many outside of the industry, surveying work primarily goes on in the background of everyday life. While many of us recognize these tasks as an essential aspect of land management and construction, many don’t realize the impact it has on our everyday lives within our communities.


To bring attention to the industry largely responsible for developing and maintaining our national infrastructure, Rhonda Rushing, president of Berntsen International has collected the many stories she’s gathered from thousands of surveying and mapping professionals around the world to illustrate the importance of survey markers to a broader community of readers in her book, Lasting Impressions: A Glimpse Into the Legacy of Surveying.


Lasting Impressions doesn’t simply detail the history of surveying, it presents firsthand experiences of surveyors, engineers, and mapping professionals Rhonda has encountered throughout her career.


Whether it’s a harrowing journey to mark a particularly difficult mountain summit, or being given the honor of marking a location sacred to our national history, this book stands alone in its depiction of this important and often overlooked industry.


If you’re interested in learning more about what this unique book is all about, let’s take a look at what you can expect to find inside:


Connecting the historical roots of surveying to the modern world


Divided among the Eastern, Central, and Western regions of the United States, Lasting Impressions takes readers on a journey around the country from the marker atop West Virginia’s highest point, to the summit of Hawaii’s largest dormant Volcano.


In addition to spanning an enormous geographical area, the book also dives back in time to explore the roots of surveying in the United States. Particularly striking for those new to the subject are the deep connections the practice has to many of our founding fathers such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson––two figures who were keenly aware of practice’s importance so many years ago.


Even some later figures such as famous explorers Lewis & Clark and Abraham Lincoln had indelible ties to surveying in varying degrees throughout their extraordinary lives.


A collection of stories rarely heard


What makes Lasting Impressions truly unique isn’t its description of surveying itself, but the effect it has on both the people who carry it out, as well as the communities and landmarks it serves to protect and distinguish.


For those who only experience the surveying world through what goes on in their local communities, this book reveals an entirely new side of the industry that involves courageous risk-taking, discovery, and the preservation of our country’s rich cultural history told by those who’ve worked to establish and maintain these important markers.


A book that appeals to a variety of interests


While Lasting Impressions is certainly grounded in surveying, the stories, images, and information within it cover a wide variety of geological, historical, scientific, and cultural subjects rarely seen through the lens of survey marking.


Whether you’re a travel enthusiast looking for new way to seek out and better understand our country’s landmarks, a historian looking for a new perspective on our nation’s history, or a surveyor interested in learning from those who’ve accomplished impressive feat, this book has something for just about everyone.


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