InfraMarker Introductory Video Series


The InfraMarker RFID System has many moving parts, which when used together, integrate seamlessly into a comprehensive asset management system.


To illustrate how each component plays a vital role in marking, locating, and managing buried assets, we’ve created a series of short animated videos to help you visualize the process and better understand how each piece of the InfraMarker system comes together to create a more accurate and cost effective asset management solution.


To simplify things even more, we’ve broken down each video to cover every step of the system one-by-one.


Let’s start with installing InfraMarker’s RFID tags.


Installing an RFID Tag



After identifying an asset to be marked, the field technician can use their InfraMarker-enabled Android smartphone to record photos and videos of the site, which are stored in InfraMarker’s cloud database for future reference.  


The technician then places the InfraMarker RFID tag into the ground alongside the asset and records the tag’s information directly from their smartphone or handheld reader.


The data is written directly onto the RFID tag and simultaneously sent to the cloud for secure data storage.


Locating an Underground Asset



Locating buried assets starts with InfraMarker’s GPS locator available on any InfraMarker-enabled RFID reader or smartphone.


Combined with photo and video media taken of the asset’s surroundings, field technicians can easily get within yards of the asset in question using these tools alone.


With a general area established, technicians then use a magnetic locator to pin point the tag’s exact location and verify its identity using an RFID reader.


Each time a tag is located by someone in the field, a record of the event is automatically sent to InfraMarker’s cloud database, making it possible to update asset information in real time.


Managing Underground Asset Data



Along with all the advantages to those working in the field, managing asset records and location data back in the office has never been easier using InfraMarker’s integrated software systems.


Now, all asset location data can be viewed directly on a Google map as well as in standard table format. InfraMarker’s management software gives you the ability to view and edit individual asset records in a number of specific fields such as Utility Type, Function, Material, Feature, and more.


Worried about needing to manually re-enter all of your existing asset data into the new software system? We’ve made sure the transition to InfraMarker from your current system is virtually seamless by allowing you to import your existing data directly into InfraMarker all at once.


When used together, these features offer utilities, surveyors, municipalities, and others a much faster, easier, and more precise underground asset management solution.


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