Berntsen Patents New Underground Utility Locating Technology


In an ongoing effort to develop innovative tools allowing surveyors an easier, more efficient way to work on-site, Berntsen is proud to announce a new patent recognizing its magnetic RFID system as a unique way to locate stationary geographical positions and assets.


The patent, issued earlier this month by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office details the inventive combination of magnetic and electronic marking technology with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) components. When used together, these products help surveyors find, identify and map asset points with extreme precision.


Designed by William C. Rushing of Berntsen International, the system allows for asset markers to be placed above or below ground which can receive and transmit crucial information relating to the asset, including:



  • Asset type (e.g. gas, water, steam, fiber, cable, electric)
  • Asset owner
  • Asset material (e.g. In:  PVC, steel; concrete, conduit) 
  • Asset feature (e.g. weld, elbow, stub, intersection)
  • Depth from surface to asset  


Berntsen’s recently patented technology can be used to locate survey monuments on public land or boundary corners faster than traditional location systems were previously capable of. In addition, the system also allows field technicians to access the essential information listed above directly from the field from a smartphone, laptop, or notebook device.


The RFID-enabled location system can also be used to mark and locate utility lines and appurtenances, signs, poles, or any other valuable asset attributed with sensitive information in need of protection and maintenance.


Berntsen’s President, Rhonda Rushing described the patent as “recognition of over six years of work in this leading technology,” adding, “we will continue to build our RFID-enabled products and system to assist surveyors in land, utility, and related infrastructure management marking.”



The advantages of Berntsen’s new asset management system


In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the patented asset location and management system also gives surveyors and utilities a number of important advantages over older systems, including:





The new system can mark and identify all types of underground assets using one frequency and one type of asset marker or tag.


This provides a speed and inventory advantage over other systems that require the locator to select different tags or frequencies to identify assets. The field technician can easily mark or locate many different types of utilities without having to have different tags for each utility type.  



On-site efficiency


Berntsen’s new asset management system is easy to use in the field with fewer, lighter-weight components, resulting in greater speed, productivity, and field comfort.


It also allows field technicians to access and record asset information from the field, maximizing a technician’s flexibility on site and reducing errors by configuring an asset marker’s location and ID information at the spot of installation.





The system supports transparency without compromising security. A three-level data schema allows users to make base data and maps available to the public and their clients while supporting the ability to keep customer-specific data available only to those who are authorized.  


These are just a few of the benefits Berntsen’s newly patented technology offers. To learn more about Berntsen’s RFID-enabled asset management product, go to