How to choose the right Carsonite post

For decades, Carsonite has helped keep us safe from public hazards by producing the brightly colored posts and signs found across rural and urban America. From highly reflective highway markers to advanced sound-reduction equipment that cuts down on traffic noise, these products both direct us toward our destinations and keep us out of danger. 

While most of us take these markers for granted, those in the utility industry are well aware of their importance when conducting safe and accurate work on-site. Utility personnel rely on these markers to make underground hazards clearly visible to those on the surface through a combination of color, positioning, and labeling. With such a variety of posts, however, choosing the proper marker can be difficult depending on where it’s going. 

To help guide you to the best utility post option available, we’ve created this simple guide to choosing the right Carsonite utility post for the job. Below you’ll find a brief description of the Carsonite utility post products we carry and a list of applications for each.

CRM Utility Posts

Valued for it’s all-purpose usability, the CRM utility post is great for high visibility and easy identification of buried utilities. The trademarked three-rail design makes it extremely flexible and strong enough to repel multiple small-caliber gunshots. When installed with anchors, these markers are virtually impossible to remove without the right equipment, making it highly resistant to vandalism.


  • Width: 3.75”
  • Lengths: 5’, 6’
  • Colors: White (01), Yellow (02), Brown (03), Orange (04), Red (05), Green (07), Blue (08).


  • Daytime and nighttime roadway marking

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Dual-Sided Utility Posts 

Carsonsite’s Dual-Sided Mile Marker posts is a great choice for projects where a decal must be visible on both sides of the post. It can easily withstand harsh conditions and controlled ditch burns in addition to rebounding after impacts from vehicles. These posts are also resistant to vandalism, UV exposure and extreme changes in temperature.


  • Width: 3.80”
  • Lengths: 5’, 6'
  • Colors: White (01), Yellow (02), Orange (04), Red (05), Green (07) and Blue (08)


  • Rural identification
  • Roadway/highway identification
  • Trail marking

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Curv-Flex Utility Posts

The Curv-Flex utility marker is Carsonsite's most flexible composite marker available. Made of extremely durable fiberglass reinforced material, this marker is built to withstand abuses like ditchburn and direct tire impacts from vehicles––the perfect choice for roadways and highways.

While soft soils may require no installation tools at all, a pilot hole may be needed for hard or rocky soil. In these situations, use the RMTLPDR1.



  • Width: 4.00”
  • Lengths: 5’, 6’
  • Colors: White (01), Yellow (02), Orange (04), Red (05), Green (07) and Blue (08)


  • Culverts
  • Utility lines
  • Fire hydrants
  • Electrical station outlets

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Thin Line Utility Posts

Berntsen’s selection of Thin Line Utility Posts are valued for their light weight and easy installation. These posts are constructed of reinforced fiberglass––resistant to both rot and brittleness when exposed to natural elements and rarely requires digging a pilot hole prior to installation.


  • Lengths: 5’, 6’
  • Less than 1 pound in weight
  • Available in White (01), Yellow (02), Orange (04), Red (05), Green (07) and Blue (08)


  • Fiber optic lines
  • Water lines
  • Telephone cable
  • Electric cable

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TuffFlex Utility Posts

The Tufflex utility post is the newest member of the Carsonite family, built specifically for maximum durability under the harshest conditions. Comprised of fiberglass reinforced composite, it’s strong enough to drive easily into hardpan soil yet flexible enough to withstand vehicle impacts.

These posts feature recessed surfaces which can accept decals on both sides and a nearly flat profile for easy installation and years of life under harsh conditions.


  • Width: 3.8”
  • Lengths: 5’2”, 5’6”, 6’, 6’6”
  • Colors: White (01), Yellow (02), Orange (04), Red (05), Green (07) and Blue (08)


  • Road right-of-ways
  • Areas where vandalism and/or impacts are likely 

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TuffCat Test Station Marker

The TuffCat Test Station Marker is a flexible, impact resistant post with a two terminal cathodic protection test station to serve as a testing unit and pipeline marker at the same time.


  • Width: 3.9”
  • Lengths: 5’5”, 6”
  • Colors: Yellow (02), Orange (04)


  • Gas pipelines
  • Telecom pipelines

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How we’re making markers smarter


Carsonite posts are unmatched when it comes to strength and durability, but here at Berntsen, we wanted to make them more than just visual indicators. That’s why we’ve taken the rugged post design people know and love and added a whole new layer of usability.

Berntsen’s RFID-enabled “smart” markers now allow for direct integration with RFID marking systems like InfraMarker, giving those in the field access to a wealth of information directly from their RFID reader or smartphone. 

In addition to above-ground marking, buried assets and boundaries can be mapped directly to a GIS system for easier, most efficient management and record auditing. Whether it’s locating hard-to-find survey markers, or other subsurface assets, adding InfraMarker RFID-enabled tags to traditional Carsonite posts allows you to expedite the locating process and verify crucial asset information. 

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