Company Plaque Markers

Just as painters leave their signature in the corner of a finished piece, builders and contractors also deserve a way to leave their mark on the projects they complete.

But leaving the right mark on-site isn’t always easy. Unlike a painting, building sites don’t always offer an opportunity to make your mark easily noticed by admirers.


While some have tried to get around this problem with larger, more centrally-located markers on-site, this often frustrates homeowners and businesses who see these logos as obtrusive and distracting to the work itself.


With this in mind, it’s up to builders and contractors to strike the right balance between visibility and subtly. In other words, how do you get people to notice your name without going overboard?


One of the simplest, most popular ways to leave the right mark is with a highly durable custom plaque.


Professionally-designed and set in concrete, bronze plaques combine high visibility and subtle placement to give your company professional recognition without detracting from the look and feel of the work itself.


Let’s explore the two most commonly used kinds of company markers and briefly touch on which could fit your next project.


Bronze company logo markers


Similar to a traditional survey marker, these markers are ideal for projects where space is limited. Ranging in size from 3.5” to 4” in diameter, they adhere to the traditional “C” Style design––one we’re accustomed to seeing already.


Just like a survey marker, these logo markers can be customized to include a variety of company information such as:


●      Company name

●      Logo

●      Phone number

●      Website


With a simple split-style flared stem design, bronze logo markers can be placed in both concrete and rock surfaces. Deep engraving and one-piece bronze construction means these markers will last decades even under harsh elements––a permanent signature of craftsmanship that can generate referrals for decades to come.


Logo markers like these work best in smaller areas where subtlety is hard to achieve as well as roadways, sidewalks and other ground surfaces where traffic is anticipated.


Engraved bronze plaques


Builders and contractors have been using metal plaques to leave their name in the world for years, but only recently has engraving technology given companies the ability to go beyond simple text-only design.


Here at Berntsen, our 3D relief system makes it possible to translate virtually any design to a stunning, high-quality bronze plaque. Now companies can tell a story rather than the simple “who,” “what” and “when.”


Bringing color and detail to a traditionally dull product


Apart from creating incredibly intricate designs that weren’t possible years ago, today’s engraving techniques also make it easy to replicate any quality logo, photo or text and capture a level of detail that hasn’t been possible up until now.


This new engraving technique, along with the finest finishes in the industry, set a completely new standard for plaques and signage, allowing you to create oxide, halftone, and even full-color plaques.


For the first time, builders and contractors can leave a permanent business card directly on the spaces they develop––an easy and effective way to generate a steady stream of referrals and recognition for years to come.


Interested in our selection of engraved bronze plaques, nameplates, and company logo markers? Click here to see Berntsen’s full line of company plaque products along with easy instructions for adding your own design layouts.