InfraMarker Software Options


The InfraMarker RFID system is part hardware, part software.


To give you the same freedom and choice that comes with choosing InfraMarker hardware based on your organization’s specific needs, we’re proud to introduce a software pricing model that gives you the freedom to select the plan that’s best for you and your organization’s workload.


Introducing InfraMarker’s Software Subscription Options


Rather than offer a single, flat price for InfraMarker’s proprietary software system, we’re giving customers the choice to pick a yearly subscription model that fits their level of use.


InfraMarker Software Levels


We’ve broken the subscription options into three levels. Let’s go through each one to learn more about what’s included and who is best suited for each.


InfraMarker Trial Subscription: Free for 90 days


For those interested in upgrading to an all-in-one RFID marking system like InfraMarker, but aren’t ready to go all in quite yet, we offer a free trial subscription of InfraMarker to test out for yourself.


What’s included in the free trial subscription?


You’ll be able to manage up to 50 assets for 90 days with the same administrative and field use capabilities offered in the paid subscriptions.


You’ll be able to:


      Read and write RFID markers in the field using the InfraMarker RFID reader.

      Capture and store field asset information including descriptions, GPS coordinates, depth to asset, photos, videos, documents and other attributes.

      Locate and verify key underground assets using the InfraMarker mobile mapping feature.

      Produce an audit trail for asset maintenance by capturing the date and time of all tag activity.

      Link asset information to the cloud in real-time.

      Export information to a customer's GIS.


Who is the trial subscription best suited for?


Our trial subscription is designed for those evaluating InfraMarker for any application of infrastructure management or field use.


InfraMarker Basic Subscription: $195/year


The basic subscription is the lower of the two paid subscription levels.


What’s included in the basic subscription?


At this level, licensees have access to administrative and field use capabilities including everything available in the trial subscription and management of up to 500 assets. For those who need more assets, additional blocks of record storage can be purchased separately as needed.


Who is the basic subscription best suited for?


The basic subscription is best for small organizations, utility contractors, and locating staff.


InfraMarker Pro Subscription: $2450/year


The pro subscription is the highest subscription level available.


What’s included in the basic subscription?


You’ll be able to manage up to 10,000 assets with complete access to all administrative and field use capabilities InfraMarker offers. Just like the basic account, you’ll also be able to purchase additional blocks of record storage if needed.


Who is the pro subscription best suited for?


The pro subscription is best suited for large organizations than manage many field assets.


What if I have more assets and need additional storage?


Extra blocks of storage can be purchased at both the Basic and Pro subscription levels. Additional storage blocks essentially double the amount of storage you already have and cost the same as another subscription while keeping all of your assets running under the same organization and administrator.


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