B2B E-Commerce Top 300


When most of us think of “e-commerce,” online retail usually comes to mind. But despite the giant B2C (Business-to-Consumer) web merchants like Amazon and eBay, a much larger e‑commerce market has been growing silently in the background for years.


U.S. B2B (Business-to-Business) e‑commerce, made up of manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers is projected to more than double the total online sales of the U.S. B2C e-commerce market by the end of 2015.


In total, 70% of this $780 billion market belongs to the top 300 companies in the B2B e-commerce space and thanks to new research from Internet Retailer, these leaders have finally been identified, ranked and profiled in the 2016 B2B E-Commerce 300 guide.


Here at Berntsen International, Inc., we’re proud to rank among the top earners in the B2B e‑commerce market coming in at number 273 among the top 300.


How Berntsen stands out in the growing B2B E-commerce marketplace


While the numbers speak for themselves, many people still struggle to understand what B2B e‑commerce is in the first place.  How exactly do businesses sell to each other online and how did it become such a huge market?


In truth, B2B e‑commerce takes a number of forms and depending on a company’s capabilities, full implementation can take years to complete.


While some vendors use procurement software linked directly to their customers’ resource planning systems, others join large commercial vertical networks or online marketplaces.


Here at Berntsen, we’ve created our own fully‑functional e‑commerce site capable of handling orders directly through our customer service team. Rather than limit accessibility to a select group of customers or work through third party vendors, we’ve built an online experience that gives businesses direct access to our entire product catalog along with the information they need to make better buying decisions.


Optimized for both smartphones and tablets, customers can access all products and features no matter what device they’re using.


In addition to total accessibility, Berntsen.com makes it simple and easy to order customizable infrastructure marking products for land surveyors, utilities, construction contractors and government agencies online by allowing customers to preview personalized products before purchasing. This not only reduces the hassles of customized ordering, but gives customers the assurance that their products will arrive exactly the way they want.


With over 14,000 unique visitors each month and more than 900 customer reviews, Bernsten.com has been given Google’s official Trusted Store status, recognizing excellence in online customer service and e‑commerce reliability.


According to Berntsen’s Marketing Manager, Tim Klaben, the insistence on building and maintaining a world-class B2B e‑commerce experience didn’t just happen overnight.


“Berntsen’s e-commerce platform isn’t simply some startup idea made possible by investors like many other websites. It’s the result of more than 40 years of experience understanding our market––and more importantly the needs of our customers––to build a platform specifically for them.”


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Want to see Berntsen’s e‑commerce platform in action? Head to www.berntsen.com to browse our online store or request a catalog.