InfraMarker Solution Suite

To accompany the release of the newly expanded InfraMarker Solution Suite, we’ve revamped to make it even easier to find the information you need from any device.


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What’s new?


In addition to sprucing up the look at feel of the site with a few cosmetic changes, we’ve added a few things we hope you’ll find particularly useful:


The InfraMarker Solution Suite pages


We’ve broken the InfraMarker Solution Suite into its five main components:


      RFID Reader/Writers

      RFID Enabled Markers

      Field Mapping Software

      System Management Services

      The InfraMarker Smartphone App


While the InfraMarker works best as a comprehensive marking, mapping and locating system, we understand your needs might be more specific. Explore our Solution Suite pages to learn more about each tool and how they fit within the InfraMarker ecosystem.


Training resources


Ease-of-use is a staple of InfraMarker. To make your transition from old to new as smooth as possible, we’ve created a comprehensive online training section that can be accessed directly from our website. We’ve broken it down page-by-page:


      Preparation to Install

      Placement and Writing

      Locating and Reading

      Subsurface Utility Mapping

      Low Impact Marking

      RFID Utility Locating

      Underground Asset Location

      Subsurface Utility Engineering

      Disaster Recovery Efficiency


More about the InfraMarker Solution Suite


The InfraMarker Solution Suite includes all that you need to mark, map and manage both your above and below ground infrastructure. The InfraMarker suite of products can be purchased as a stand-alone system or combined to create a fully integrated marking and tracing solution.


Whether it’s oil & gas, fiber, water, electric systems, or any other kind of underground utility infrastructure, the InfraMarker Solution Suite works directly with your existing GIS to provide audit-ready cloud-based recordkeeping for safe and secure data handling.


Interested in seeing InfraMarker in action? Click here to download the InfraMarker app from Google Play and sign up for a free 90-day trial at


To learn more about the InfraMarker, visit, the InfraMarker Product Page, or Request a Catalog.