InfraMarker Awards 2016

Berntsen International Inc. is proud to announce InfraMarker’s inclusion as a finalist in two prominent awards this spring, recognizing both its innovative use of RFID technology and its value in improving electricity networks.


“Most Innovative Use of RFID”


RFID Journal, a leading publication focused on radio frequency identification (RFID) and its many business applications, recently announced its shortlist of finalists for the 2016 RFID Journal Awards.


Comprised of six categories, including “Best RFID Integration,” “Best Use of RFID to Enhance a Product or Service,” and “Best NFC Deployment,” Berntsen International’s InfraMarker System is among two other finalists for the “Most Innovative Use of RFID.”


As RFID Journal explained in its recent announcement, the InfraMarker System is being recognized for its unique ability to integrate ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFID, precision GPS and magnetic locating technologies together into a comprehensive underground asset management system.


Winners are scheduled to be announced at the RFID Journal LIVE! 2016 in Orlando, Florida on May 3 – 5, the company’s 14th annual conference and exhibition.


RFID Journal’s founder and editor Mark Roberti praised this year’s crop of candidates, adding, “these projects show how far RFID has come in delivering enterprise-wide benefits. Attendees at this year's event will benefit from hearing about these deployments, and will view the hardware, software and solutions featured in our Best New Product category."


Click here for more information and a full list of this year’s finalists.


“Best Electricity Network Improvement”


In addition to recognition for RFID innovation, The InfraMarker System has also landed on the shortlist of finalists for the UK Energy Innovation Awards 2016.


Established by The Energy Innovation Center (EIC) six years ago, these awards highlight new technologies and innovations that are having a positive impact on both the UK’s energy infrastructure and the customers it serves.


This year’s submissions are divided into ten categories spanning the electricity, gas and offshore renewables sectors. The EIC’s awards panel has selected 58 candidates for its shortlist of finalists, with Berntsen International vying for “Best Electricity Network Improvement” among four other contenders.


Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony in Manchester, England on April 28th.


EIC’s managing director, Denise Massey commented on the scope and quality of the shortlist entries as indicative of a “shift in the industry towards new technologies, new business models and new ways of working.”


As a tool for network improvement, The InfraMarker Solution Suite helps both public and private utilities overcome a variety of complex and costly management challenges. From fast and precise point locating in the field, to easy integration with existing GIS systems, InfraMarker makes life easier for everyone involved in asset management.

More about The InfraMarker Solution Suite


The InfraMarker Solution Suite includes all that you need to mark, map and manage both your above and below ground infrastructure. The InfraMarker suite of products can be purchased as a stand-alone system or combined to create a fully integrated marking and tracing solution.


Whether it’s oil & gas, fiber, water, electric systems, or any other kind of underground utility infrastructure, the InfraMarker Solution Suite offers audit-ready cloud-based recordkeeping for safe and secure data handling.


Interested in seeing InfraMarker in action? Click here to download the InfraMarker app from Google Play and sign up for a free 90-day trial at


To learn more about the InfraMarker, visit, the InfraMarker Product Page, or Request a Catalog.