Berntsen International at RFID Journal Live! 2016

Mike Klonsinski, Business Development Director, Berntsen International (left), and Mark Roberti, Founder, Editor and CEO, RFID Journal (right). Photo courtesy of RFID Journal.

Each year, RFID Journal recognizes companies that are standing out through their use of radio frequency identification (RFID) or by introducing of a valuable new RFID product or service.

This year, more than 25 independent judges selected finalists in seven separate categories to present at the journal’s annual event, RFID Journal LIVE!. Berntsen International was selected as a finalist for its InfraMarker asset management system in the “Most Innovative Use of RFID” category.

Berntsen’s Mike Klonsinski and Steve Hungate shared insight into how the company is bringing the tools and techniques of asset management into the future with other leading RFID innovators, including Florida Hospital for its real-time location tracking system, and Reichold, a resin producer, for its use of RFID temperature sensors for resin-based products.



 Finalists for "Most Innovative Use of RFID." Photo courtesy of RFID Journal.

Berntsen was honored to be awarded the runner-up amongst this year’s top RFID innovators in recognition for its work in bringing RFID capabilities to those who manage buried assets and infrastructure across the country.

Creating the next generation of underground utility marking tools

Finding underground utilities like electrical, gas and water lines has always been something of a guessing game. While above ground markers give general clues as to what lies below, buried pipes and other assets don’t always run in straight lines. Add to this a deprecated mapping and recordkeeping system, and it’s not hard to see how costly and sometimes dangerous mistakes can be made.

The InfraMarker System solves many of these problems by using RFID’s wireless communication capabilities to connect buried assets with handheld readers used by operators at the surface. Using RFID-enabled tags buried directly above or alongside the asset, managers can upload identifying information to the tags which can be accessed by technicians searching for their precise location out in the field.



Rather than rely on outdated, unreliable record keeping systems, all location data is mapped to InfraMarker’s user-friendly management software, which can be used alone or integrated with an existing GIS to visualize asset locations on an interactive map.

The InfraMarker is the first of its kind to simplify the otherwise time-consuming series of tasks associated with asset management. By combining RFID, magnetic locating, cloud data management, and geo-locating software to mark, locate, and manage asset points, the InfraMarker system offers a unique solution to many of the challenges asset managers face across the country.

See the full list of finalists and presenters from this year’s RFID Journal Live! here.

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