Berntsen RS Mini Prisms

Thanks to a new RS line of mini prisms from Rothbucher Systems, surveyors now have more measurement flexibility than ever before.

With both 180º and full 360º swiveling capabilities, these innovative mini prisms make it possible to use the same survey point from any number of locations on-site while maintaining precise accuracy.

Using its integrated connector system, several mini prisms can be combined to make measurements in different directions while the prism remains in place––the perfect option for three-dimensional monitoring.

Watch our video below to see these new products in action and read on for more information about how they can help you work smarter on-site. 

Rotational flexibility and various sizing options

With 180º and 360º rotation, surveyors now have the freedom to position themselves in virtually any location relative to the prism without losing the survey point.


Available in a 12.7mm and larger 17.5mm size, these prisms can be used in a wide variety of applications while keeping a generally low-profile.

Innovative installation capabilities

Along with greater measurement versatility, Rothbucher Systems has also made installation fast and easy with a brand new way to recover survey points and return to them even after a prism is removed.

     Remove and re-attach prisms with the RSFP-X90 Fixed Point

By attaching a simple stainless steel locking mechanism called a Fixed Point, prisms can be quickly snapped into place at a precise survey point and removed for later use––leaving only the small, low-visibility Fixed Point behind. 


This simple, yet powerful ability allows surveyors to save time that would otherwise be spent re-establishing new survey points while keeping prisms from being lost or damaged when not in use.

Fixed Points can be installed even on non-metallic surfaces like wood, stone and concrete for reliable recovery and can be used with the following magnetic prisms and targets: RS193M, RSMP190M & RSMP290MR.


     Magnetic attachment

When working with ferrous surfaces, these prisms can be attached magnetically with extreme stability––a quick and easy way to establish points and make precise measurements without the need for drilling, gluing or other installation tools.


     Traditional installation

For projects requiring standard installation, all RS mini prisms allow for more permanent positioning using bolts, screws or adhesives.


Added protection from the elements

In areas prone to dirt and dust, the magnetic RSPC10M Protection Cap can be attached over the prism to shield against debris.


RS193G with Protective Cap

For placement in hard-to-reach areas, the RSPC Metal Cube attaches to any prism pole with a ⅝” thread for a simple way to remove and re-attach prism covers with ease.


While these innovative new survey products offer significant time-saving advantages on-site, they also allow crews to work smarter by staying out of harm’s way.

Through a powerful combination of high-quality materials, innovative measurement capabilities and greater protection, Berntsen’s line of RS mini prisms can prevent many of the mistakes commonly made on surveying, monitoring and construction sites.

Browse the links below to learn more about Berntsen’s new line of RS products:


180º Rotating Prisms: 

RSMP280 - Mini Prism (17.5 mm)

RSMP180 - Mini Prism (12.7 mm)


360º Rotating Prisms: 

RSMP290 - Mini Prism (17.5 mm)

RSMP190 - Mini Prism (12.7 mm)


RSMP290M - Mini Prism (17.5 mm) with Magnetic Attachment

RSMP190M - Mini Prism (12.7 mm) with Magnetic Attachment


Fixed Angle Prism: 

RSMP15 Retro Reflective Mini Prism Angle Target


RSPC50 - Metal Cube for RSPC10 Attachment

RSFP-X90 - Stainless Steel Fixed Point for RS Magnetic Prisms

RSPC10M - Protection Cap for Mini Prism