Carsonite Utility Marker Posts 


Utility posts are a common sight in practically any developed area, urban or rural. To the average passerby, these colorful posts blend into the background of everyday life, but to those who rely on them for what they show us, these posts are important warnings to the potentially hazardous pipelines and utilities that lie beneath our feet.


When it comes to marking buried assets, regulators don’t leave much up to choice. The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHSMA) has a rigorous set of rules governing exactly how companies and municipalities should approach marking. Chief among these is the use of permanent equipment ensuring “line-of-sight” visibility.


Carsonite posts are one of the most widely used markers used to mark a variety of buried assets. Their stark, recognizable colors and distinct flat shape have more or less become the standard across many industries, alerting us to potential hazards while providing technicians with a key reference point before breaking ground.


Whether you’re looking to upgrade or expand your current marking equipment, or simply want to learn more about Carsonite products, we’ve highlighted a few of the key advantages and new innovations these posts have to offer.


Three key advantages of Carsonite posts


The popularity of Carsonite posts lies mainly in three key benefits:


1. High visibility & easy identification


Carsonite is valued for its bold selection of colors, which have become a universally recognized set of color-coded designations. These provide high visibility and easy identification of above-ground and underground utilities, minimizing the risks of digging accidents and preventing damage caused by maintenance equipment.


Carsonite's products adhere to the American Public Works Association's (APWA) Uniform Color Codes, which have been adopted throughout the United States and Canada.



Carsonite Utility Marker Posts


2. Durability, permanence & flexibility


In addition to being highly visible and recognizable, Carsonite posts have also gained a reputation for high durability under just about any conditions. Their trademarked three-rail design allows for a surprising amount of flexibility while protecting decals from exposure to the elements. When combined with its anchor system, posts are next to impossible for vandals to remove, and its composite construction can even survive multiple small-caliber gunshots.


To ensure information is clearly visible on these posts, decals are printed from high-quality UV-resistant materials, providing protection against sun damage, weather and human interference.


3. Easy installation


Carsonite posts can be found just about anywhere––a testament to their versatility in virtually any soil conditions. With a specially-designed Curv-Flex Marker Driver, installation is easy, rarely requiring a pilot hole.


Finding the right utility post or pipeline marker


Color isn’t the only choice to make when choosing a suitable post. Carsonite offers several different product types and sizes, each lending themselves to different applications out in the field. We’ve summarized a few takeaways of each post model below.


For a more detailed selection guide, read our other post: Carsonite Utility Posts: How to Choose the Right Option


Carsonite CRM Utility Markers

Carsonite Road Marker

These markers are the perfect choice for high visibility and easy identification of underground utility lines.  This trademarked three-rail design combines structural integrity with above-ground flexibility, as well as protection for decals. These markers are both easy to install and lightweight for ease of transportation.


When installed with anchors it’s virtually impossible to remove the posts without proper equipment. The marker is highly resistant to vandals, with special composite material that will survive multiple small-caliber gunshots without significant loss of legibility or damage to the post.


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Carsonite Dual-Sided Utility Posts


Carsonite Dual Sided Utility Marker


The Carsonite Dual Sided Post accepts a decal, numbers or other information on both sides. It installs easily, and being made of composite material, withstands harsh environmental conditions and controlled ditch burns. The marker rebounds after impacts, and is resistant to vandalism, UV exposure and extreme temperature changes.

It’s an ideal choice for dual-sided marking of direct buried utility services. Raised, reinforced ribs along each side prevent scratching or removal of legend if impacted.


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Carsonite Curv-Flex Utility Posts


Carsonite Curv-Flex Utility Post


Perfect for highways, roadsides and medians and other areas where vehicle impacts are likely, Curv-Flex is Carsonite's most flexible composite marker. The trademarked curve and flange profile along with special fiberglass reinforced material, allows this marker to withstand controlled ditch burns and even direct tire impacts before returning to its upright position.

Common applications include single or dual-sided identification to mark culverts, utility lines, fire hydrants, and electrical station outlets.


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Carsonite TuffFlex Utility Posts & Pipeline Markers

Carsonite TuffFlex Utility Post


The TuffFlex is an identification marker for buried utility services and may be used to provide daytime and nighttime delineation for roadways or other marking applications requiring long-term durability, lightweight, flexibility, and vehicle impact resistance.


This single-piece marker is capable of simple, permanent installation by one person using a manual driving tool. When properly installed, it resists displacement from wind and vehicle impact forces. The TuffFlex has a thickened center section to enhance driveability while allowing sheeting or decals to easily be applied to both surfaces.


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Carsonite Thin Line Posts for Utilities

Carsonite Thin Line Utility Posts

Carsonite’s Thin-Line Posts are made of reinforced fiberglass and are even more lightweight than their flagship model. This cost effective post is one inch in diameter and comes in five or six foot lengths. It’s weather resistant against rot and resists brittleness in the cold.


These thinner alternatives are great for marking fiber optic lines, water lines and telephone or electric cable.


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Carsonite Pipeline Markers


The Carsonite Utility Line Markers and Utility Visi-Posts include all the features of a highly effective marker built with economy in mind. The Line Marker has a 3.5" diameter white post with a 3.8" enhancer for maximum visibility. It's supplied with a T-anchor that prevents rotation of the marker, so directional information remains fixed plus a domed cap that keeps dirt, moisture and insects out of the tube––ideal for marking utilities and rights of way.


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RFID-enabled smart utility markers and the future of asset location


While greater visibility, durability and flexibility are important advantages, post markers are getting an even bigger upgrade in the form of network connectivity. Using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) enabled marker technology, technicians armed with RFID readers can access a far richer data set at the point of interest, audit activities at a particular location, and integrate mapping data into their existing GIS system.


Berntsen RFID-enabled utility post



At Berntsen, we’ve taken this innovation to the next level, integrating RFID-enabled marker posts with the InfraMarker Solution Suite, a comprehensive infrastructure marking system that combines both above and below ground asset marking into one cloud-based system.


InfraMarker is designed to support your particular infrastructure marking needs, allowing you to use its components individually or together. With greater access to information both in the field and back at the office, InfraMarker can lead to faster asset location, greater oversight and accountability, and full audit capabilities to meet regulatory requirements.


Click here to learn more about smart marker technology and its integration with InfraMarker.


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