2017 IRCE B2B Award

For the second consecutive year, Berntsen is proud to rank among the top earners in the B2B e-Commerce market in Internet Retailer’s 2017 B2B E-Commerce 300 list.


In a follow-up to last year’s announcement of Berntsen’s inclusion on the 2016 B2B E-Commerce 300 list, new forecast data from Forrester Research confirms the U.S. B2B e-Commerce market is on track for significant growth over the next five years.


Already a much larger market than B2C e-Commerce, recent forecasts suggest growth will keep pace over the next few years as organizations continue to use new methods of channel distribution to reach businesses through both distributor and manufacturer-direct selling.


In just one year, this expanding online market has grown by nearly $50 billion, and is expected to reach $1.2 trillion by 2021. At present, Forrester Research reports the total combined online sales of leading 300 companies featured on this year’s list control 72% of the total U.S. e-Commerce market.


Building industry leadership through powerful e-Commerce capabilities


In last year’s announcement, we discussed Berntsen’s decision to give customers direct access to our entire catalog of products through a fully-functional e-Commerce platform––focusing on creating strong one-on-one customer service experiences rather than relying on outside marketplaces and complex procurement systems.


This year, we’re proud to see the continued success of our unique approach to B2B e-Commerce with more than 1,000 new visitors each month and 14.3% overall financial growth compared to just a year ago.


In addition to expanding our product line, we’ve complemented our e-Commerce platform with a variety of informational content to help customers make the most of the products we offer.


Visitors can browse our library of in-depth instructional videos, read articles here on the blog and chat with our customer service team from any device. Together with a powerful purchasing system, this combination of insights and intuitive e-Commerce capabilities will continue to give customers the unique browsing and buying experience they’ve come to value from Berntsen.


Tim Klaben, Marketing & E-Commerce Manager at Berntsen, says the importance of offering an easy way to find and order products online reflects the way an increasing number of people prefer to shop. “With more people shopping online in their personal lives, the expectation of the ‘Amazon Experience’ carries over into their professional purchasing roles as well,” Klaben says. “Berntsen strives to meet and exceed those expectations not only in product quality and delivery, but the shopping experience itself, whether online or over the phone.”


“Always convenient and easy to order”


This is just one of hundreds of reviews Berntsen receives from e-Commerce customers each year. A quick look at our Google Trusted Store or Shopper Approved page reveals overwhelmingly positive feedback, with terms like “easy” “helpful” “fast,” and “simple” among the most common used to describe their shopping experience.


We’ve included a few of our favorite recent reviews below.

Google Trusted Store Review

Google Trusted Store Review #2

Google Trusted Store Review #3

Google Trusted Store Review #4


Visit our Google Trusted Store and Shopper Approved pages to read more reviews from customers.

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