FENO Survey Monument 

The FENO anchored survey monument system offers an innovative solution for surveyors in need of a small, easy-to-drive, hard-wearing galvanized steel marker. These markers use a unique flaring anchor system for extreme stability without the need for digging or concrete­­––overcoming a common shortcoming of other drive-in markers.


FENO survey monuments––available in 350mm, 600mm and 1000mm lengths––are comprised of a galvanized steel marker spike and bronze or aluminum monument cap, accompanied by a small installation toolkit:


• A driver, which drives the spike into the ground using a hammer;


FENO Survey Driver

 • An extension sleeve, which extends the anchors of the spike into the ground; and

FENO Extension Sleeve 

• A ground plate, which prevents the spike from sinking into the ground as the cap is installed.


FENO Ground Plate


The FENO system guarantees both correct position and secure placement by fulfilling two important conditions which go above and beyond many other marker systems:


  1. Temporary marks can be easily transformed into permanent positions. Unlike traditional anchoring devices with wings or lugs which prevent surveyors from converting temporary marks into permanent ones, FENO monuments can be repositioned or changed at any time before its unique anchor system is extended.

  2. Once correctly positioned, monuments can be firmly anchored permanently. Using a strong steel anchoring system modeled after the roots of a tree, FENO monuments can be locked firmly and securely in the ground with ease.


Installing FENO Survey Monuments



While not pictured in the installation guide above, a survey cap can be tapped into the top of the spike following removal of the extension sleeve. For aluminum caps, a bead of Loctite premium adhesive should be applied to the connection point between the cap and spike to ensure a complete seal.


Click here to view and download Berntsen’s FENO Anchored Survey Markers Installation Instructions (PDF) for a complete step-by-step guide.


Advantages of the FENO Survey Marker System




Many alternative survey marker systems complicate what should be a simple process, raising costs and delaying projects. Digging a hole, mixing concrete and dealing with misplaced or damaged stakes can be an expensive, slow endeavor. FENO offers the simple reliability surveyors want most from their tools. Strong steel pins lock securely in the ground and stay put.


Quick Installation


FENO markers can be installed in just minutes using a standard Lixie hammer and a handful of placement tools.


Click here to see Berntsen’s selection of FENO survey caps, spikes, Polyroc blocks, installation tools and other accessories.




FENO monuments are designed specifically for easy use without compromising strength and resilience. Installation can be competed with simple hand tools and markers can be placed in all soil types without digging or concrete.


FENO Monument Enhancements


FENO Polyroc Heads


FENO Polyroc Heads


Polyroc heads provide a large, high-visibility head for the top of the mark. Simply drive the FENO spike through the head when setting the mark. These are ideal for marking cemetery corners, rights-of-ways and survey corners where visibility is key, and are available in red, white, or yellow for the 350mm, 600mm or 1000mm spikes.


Square Aluminum Tops


FENO Square Aluminum Tops


These are designed for added horizontal stability to the top of the FENO marker and include four "anchoring" points at right angles to the top of the marker To install, simply drive the FENO spike through the top when setting the mark.


Click here to see Berntsen’s FENO survey marker products including a full line of installation tools and other accessories, or contact us to learn more.