Berntsen Survey Markers


When selecting the right survey markers for rebar and pipe, there are some important differences in quality and capability to be aware of.


Even between the two main types of survey marker––plastic and metal––it’s important to consider the strengths and weaknesses of each material.


To help you find the right products for the job, we’ve highlighted some of the key differences between the common types of markers available. Here’s the good, better and best guide to survey markers and caps.


Good: Permamark Plastic Survey Caps for Rebar & Pipe


Permamark Plastic Survey Markers


Permamark’s plastic survey markers are a cost effective option for applications requiring permanent identification and resistance to weather. Their polyethylene formulation is designed to resist acid, alkali and other common forms of corrosion while the variety of colors can be useful for easy identification.


Plastic survey markers eliminate Electrolysis, a chemical reaction which over time, can erode metallic markers fixed to metallic rebar and pipes.


Installing these markers is generally quick and easy. Surveyors can either pre-install markers onto rebar before heading to the site and drive the rebar with the marker already assembled into the ground with a dead-blow hammer, or seat the cap onto already placed rebar by using a pair of pliers to prevent the rebar from sinking as you drive in the cap.


The major disadvantage of plastic caps lies in their durability––especially when compared to extremely long-lasting aluminum and brass caps.


Another shortcoming of these markers is printing. Permamark’s survey caps only allow for two lines of engraved text, which is not only harder to read than raised lettering, but allows for far fewer available characters than other plastic cap options.


Still, these markers offer a relatively inexpensive alternative for survey projects that don’t require intricate text or exposure to the elements.


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Better: Morasse Plastic Survey Monument Markers


Morasse Plastic Survey Markers


Morasse markers offer a step up from Permamark’s comparatively smaller, simplified plastic markers with easier-to-read raised letters, more printing space, more sizes and more colors to choose from.


These markers are constructed of higher quality UV-stabilized polyethylene to protect against fading. Full-color construction keeps markers vibrant even through wear and tear.


Caps can be field-stamped with a steel stamp set and each Morasse marker is available with a closed center, custom center mark or open center. Unlike Permamark plastic markers, Morasse’s open center option allows rebar to “mushroom” over the cap during driving, helping to permanently secure the cap and prevent removal.


Berntsen offers these more advanced plastic markers with custom names and numbers at no extra cost.


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Best: Berntsen Aluminum & Bronze Survey Markers



Berntsen Aluminum & Bronze Survey Markers



When it comes to longevity against weather and other environmental elements, there’s no question that metal holds a huge advantage over plastic.


However, Electrolysis can lead to corrosion and slowly loosen caps from rebar and pipe due to the slight electric current that passes from one metal to another when in direct contact. Much in the way the anode on a battery corrodes over time, so too can metal survey markers if steps aren’t taken to prevent it.


At Bernsten, we’ve eliminated the issue of dissimilar metal corrosion by adding our unique SureGrip™ insulator/wedge into our survey markers. This plastic insert effectively isolates the survey cap from steel, de-forming around the ribs of rebar during installation for a tight compression fit.


Berntsen Aluminum Survey Markers


For rebar:


Berntsen's aluminum survey markers have a deep hex socket and are orbital-forged from 6000 series aluminum––a more functional design than the simple tapered "cone" socket, and a significantly stronger aluminum alloy than 99% pure aluminum other manufacturers use for survey caps.


The 6000 series aluminum used in Berntsen survey markers is the same alloy family used for the rods in our rotating rod monument system.


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For pipe:


Berntsen’s aluminum survey caps for iron pipe attach to pipe with a few sharp hammer blows. The virtually straight-walled socked and plastic SureGrip™ insulator wedge create a strong compression fit between the pipe and the cap.


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Berntsen Bronze Survey Markers


Since introducing the first non-leaded bronze alloys for markers and monuments over 30 years ago, we now exclusively use the most resistant and durable silicone bronze alloy for cold forged markers and caps. In an independently conducted test, Berntsen’s silicon bronze cap was found to have essentially no corrosion after 200 hours of exposure to salt spray.


Just like our aluminum markers, bronze survey caps for rebar and pipe are orbital formed from silicon bronze alloy that won't chip, crack, or break. They feature the SureGrip™ plastic insulator that locks the cap tight and helps prevent corrosion along with a deep hex socket that won't "wobble" when seated.


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View our Survey Marker product page to see Berntsen’s full line of survey markers and download our survey marker installation guide to for a handy reference out in the field.


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