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A Quick Guide to Survey Monument Center Marks & Symbols

Survey Marker Center Mark


Geodetic control points are stamped with a variety of different markings and symbols to help surveyors identify them in the field.


Center marks, the simple symbols in the middle of a monument cap, indicate whether a monument is a vertical control point marking a precise elevation (commonly referred to as a bench mark), a horizontal control point established at a known latitude and longitude (commonly referred to as a station or mark), a reference marker, or something else entirely.


We’ve highlighted the various types of control points along with their corresponding marks and symbols for handy reference below.



FENO Survey Monuments: A Corrosive-Resistant, Easy-to-Install Marking Solution

FENO Survey Monument 


The FENO anchored survey monument system offers an innovative solution for surveyors in need of a small, easy-to-drive, hard-wearing galvanized steel marker. These markers use a unique flaring anchor system for extreme stability without the need for digging or concrete­­––overcoming a common shortcoming of other drive-in markers.

FENO survey monuments––available in 350mm, 600mm and 1000mm lengths––are comprised of a galvanized steel marker spike and bronze or aluminum monument cap, accompanied by a small installation toolkit.

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