Final Point Marker

Berntsen and NSPS are pleased to announce the Final Point Project.

Berntsen Final Point Survey MarkerThis is a joint effort to build an endowment for surveying scholarships. At the same time it's an opportunity for you to honor that surveyor who has been important to you personally and to your career. For every customized marker purchased, $25 will go into the NSPS Foundation and $50 will go into the Berntsen NSPS Scholarship Fund. The price of the customized marker starts at $125 each.

Each marker is a beautifully engraved, solid 4" diameter bronze concrete marker. It is personalized with the name of the surveyor being honored, with the longitude and latitude of his/her final resting point. It is available with a high polish or brushed finish.

For more information contact:

Attn: Trish Millburn
5119 Pegasus Court, Suite Q
Frederick, MD 21704
240-439-4615 ext. 105

We think this is a unique way to honor a special surveyor and promote surveying education.

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