SubSurface Magnetic Locator with Digital Meter & Carrying Case

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SubSurface ML-1M Magnetic Locator

The ML-1M magnetic locator with digital meter provides visual signal strength, polarity indication, gain setting plus battery life display. Some of this models features include: Easy keypad switches - no knobs, and a microprocessor that retains volume and gain settings from the last use.

The ML-1M by Subsurface Instruments is the result of over 100 years combined experience in designing, developing, manufacturing, selling, and repairing magnetic locating equipment. Includes soft padded zipper case.


  • Simple one-hand operation, built-in handle
  • LCD shows positive or negative polarity and signal strength. Detects edges of pipes & joints
  • Easy to learn: Three keypad switches on/off, volume, sensitivity up & sensitivity down
  • Volume built into the on/off key
  • Microprocessor remembers volume & gain settings from previous use
  • Strong aluminum monotube construction & ABS injection molded electronics case
  • Lightweight, only about two pounds including batteries
  • Uses 2 regular alkaline 9-volt batteries (included)
  • Soft pack carrying case included


Overall Length: 38.75"
Weight: 2.0 lbs including batteries
Input Power: Two standard 9-volt alkaline batterie
Battery Life: 40 hours minimum
Warranty: 7 years


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