Impact Resitstant Test Stations for catodic testingCathodic Protection Test Station Markers

TuffCat Test Station Marker - A flexible, impact resistant post with a two terminal cathodic protection test station that serves as a test station and pipeline marker in a single device.

Carsonite added terminal points and wire connections to their most popular utility marker to create this innovative design. Ideal for locating and testing underground lines, the Catod-O-Flex test station comes with a cathodic protection test station identification decal.

Free Factory Decal Application

Combined with a Carsonite post or marker, these decals create an extremely durable, cost-effective signing system engineered to resist vandalism and harsh environments.  When you purchase Carsonite posts/markers AND any of the decals/sheeting, we'll apply it at the factory at no extra charge.  Be sure to indicate which decal is to be applied to which post when ordering multiple items.


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