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Off-limit Area Seibert Stakes

Federal law and Army regulations require the protection and conservation of natural and cultural resources.  To insure that natural resources are not inadvertently impacted, Seibert Stakes (also known as SIBER or LEMAT stakes) are placed around the perimeter of these resources.

Seibert Stakes are used in military training areas to mark land which is currently “off-limits” to training or maneuver activities. Seibert Stakes are used to mark areas that need protection because of excess erosion or other physical hazard areas that are rehabilitated and other environmental or culturally sensitive areas.

Seibert stakes can also be used to mark environmentally sensitive areas OFF LIMITS.  These areas can include:

  • Sensitive ecological areas & habitats
  • Bird banding stations
  • Wetland mitigation sites
  • Historic buildings
  • Archeological sites
  • Areas of suspected or known contamination

Seibert stakes consist of  2" Schedule 40 (2-3/8" outer diameter w/ 2" inner diameter) by 16" PVC pipe wrapped with bands of white, yellow and red Hi-Intensity prismatic sheeting.  One side of the stake has a black band that faces into the protected area.

Seibert stakes are normally mounted 4 feet above the ground on metal T-posts or PVC pipe (not included) and spaced at 30-meter intervals.

Other color combinations can be custom built to denote other off limit areas like wetlands or hazardous conditions by using additional Hi-Intensity reflective sheeting (not included).

Size:  2" dia x 16" L

Extension pole and cap are not included.

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