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Engraved Bronze Plaques | Bridge Construction Plaques

"We received the plaque and it looks beautiful and better than we expected.  Based on this and previous orders, Berntsen is a great company to do business with.  Quality products with quality service."
Peter Messier, PLS, PE
Southwestern Community College
Sylva, North Carolina

Engraved Bronze Plaque Order & Layout Form 

Bronze Bridge Plaques by Berntsen

The Design

The designs are limited only by your imagination.  Our unique process allows us to create plaques or signs that a person can literally become a part of as they gaze into your work of art.

Benrtsen Bronze PlaquesOur 3-D relief images bring to life an industry that was dominated by "text only" plaques and signs.  Berntsen believes every plaque we sell has a story to tell.  We all know how rapidly technology advances, while at the same time the costs come down.  This trend allows us to add 3-D relief images to your project for a fraction of the cost and time of casting.

The Timeframe

Our unique process allows us to cut turnaround time without compromising the quality of your job (compared to castings).  Our engraving machines do all of the work and this technology provides the power to turn your idea into reality. Because of the customized nature of this product, please allow 30 days for delivery after approval of artwork. From the initial order to delivery of product we guarantee a quality plaque that will endure for years to come.

The Cost

You will find our Engraved Bronze Plaques to be the most economical product in the marketplace today.  Our process of "painting pictures" on to a bronze canvas by the use of machinery and patented technology eliminates the wax sculpting procedures that are prevalent in the casting industry.  This allows us to complete your project in a fraction of the time which in turn brings savings directly to you.

Plaque designs are limited only to your imagination.  Call our sales department for detailed information on design and cost, and let us help you make a statement in bronze that might last forever. 

Engraved Bronze Plaque & Layout Form 

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