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Low-Cost, All-Purpose Carsonite Markers for Utility Cables & Pipelines

Carsonite Utility posts for marking buried lines and cables. Available from

Not only do above-ground Carsonite pipeline markers identify the precise location of utilities; but they also act as a warning for individuals working in the area. 

In accordance with the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), permanent pipeline markers must be clearly visible and positioned in a "line-of-sight" manner to indicate the presence and location of underground pipelines. Plus, the local government could penalize a company that doesn’t properly mark underground pipelines, for certain utilities (like gas, electric, and water and sewer).

Carsonite Pipeline and Utility Markers

Carsonite is perfect for ensuring high visibility and effortless identification of underground utility lines. With their trademarked three-rail design, these markers offer protection for decals, flexibility when installed above ground, and structural integrity.

Their long-lasting durability makes the likelihood of damage, breakdown, or removal less likely. The markers are resistant to:

  • Weather
  • Extreme cold or heat
  • The sun, which will affect color over time
  • Animals chewing or clawing at them
  • Small-caliber gunshots
  • Being hit by vehicles
  • Being pulled out

Post anchors (sold separately) make it virtually impossible to remove the posts without the proper equipment.

Perfect for highway marking, the CRM utility marker stands up to vehicle impact, and it can be driven into tougher soil. Best fit for softer soil conditions, the Curv-Flex marker is used for areas that have high vehicle impact because of its flexibility. Meanwhile, the Tuff-Flex marker offers additional rigidity and allows for a dual sided decal view.

Sold 20 per case, the posts weigh 2.9 lbs., and their lightweight construction makes transportation hassle-free. Installing them is a breeze in almost all types of soil without the need for a pilot hole. The RMTLPDR1 installation tool can be used for this purpose.

Carsonite Utility Marker Colors

The post color is often used to match the American Public Works Association (APWA) color code for utility marking. Our Carsonite composite markers are available in: 

  • White (01): often used for proposed excavation but has other applications
  • Yellow (02): oil, gas, or gaseous materials
  • Brown (03): doesn’t have a designation because it isn’t usually used for utility
  • Orange (04): fiber
  • Red (05): electric
  • Green (07): sewer and storm drain
  • Blue (08): water

These markers play a vital role in safety and awareness by prominently displaying the type of pipeline (such as natural gas) and including the contact information of the operating company. Many decals also include the 811 number you can call to get utility line locations.

If you dig without checking for utility lines first, you can be fined for damages from the utility owners. And digging could be potentially dangerous. Damaged utilities could cause explosions, death, or multiple people losing access to essential utilities. Plus, your project could get set back a significant amount of time.

Carsonite decals are manufactured from quality U.V. resistant materials which provides a tough weather, vandal and chip resistant finish.

Free Factory Decal Application

When paired with a Carsonite marker or post, these decals form a highly resilient and affordable signage system designed to withstand vandalism, harsh conditions, and U.V. rays. If you buy posts or markers along with any of the Carsonite decals or sheeting, we’ll apply them at the factory without any additional cost. If you’re ordering multiple items, please indicate which decal is to be applied to which post. An extra fee will be charged for applying more than one decal per post.

If you’re not sure which Carsonite marker or decal is right for your project, please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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