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Berntsen Drive-In Survey Monuments & Wetland Monuments

Berntsen Drive-In Survey MonumentsBerntsen offers a wide variety of drive-in pipe monuments for many different situations. All styles include:

·  Metallurgically matched combinations for longest life
·  Lightweight, easy to transport
·  Easy to relocate magnetically
·  Custom lengths available
·  Low cost, easy to install
·  Available with custom logos and designs

The optional G2 Tap-on Cap offers a 3-1/4" (83mm) stamping surface (the same as on the monuments with larger pipe diameters). It is orbitally formed from solid series 6000 aluminum bar. The optional cap is tapped onto the pipe after the monument is driven into the ground. Specially designed serrations and a unique rim design help lock the Tap-On Cap to the G1 Drive-in Piston Monument or G1BR Aluminum Drive-in Breakaway Monument driving cap.

Berntsen Drive-in Rod monument with flange and custom bronze cap.Berntsen Stainless Steel Drive-in Monument with flange.

The SSDR130 is a 30" driveable 9/16" stainless steel rod with 1½" diameter forged bronze cap. This monument features a welded stainless steel flange that anchors the monument firmly in the ground with a powerful magnet installed on top of rod.

Berntsen Wetland Monuments

Driveable aluminum monument is designed for use in wetlands, swamps, riverbanks and lake shores - anywhere a substantial monument is needed and digging a hole is impossible due to constant water cover

  • Berntsen Wetland Monument customized for the U.S. Forest Service3 ¼" (83 mm) diameter series 6000 aluminum survey cap
  • 2" (50 mm) diameter aluminum pipe
  • Cast aluminum base point
  • Cone-shaped point is fluted for easy installation
  • Point tapers out to a diameterlarger than the diameter of the pipe to deter removal
  • Cap and base are held to the pipe with aluminum rivets
  • Not recommended for "normal" firm, hard, or stony soil conditions.


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