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Survey Nails & Asphalt Nails

With four separate types of survey nails and a variety of shapes and sizes, our nail stock can satisfy virtually any requirement your project calls for. If you’re looking for nails that are both highly durable and easily detectable, each of our survey nails can streamline the task of securing washers into a variety of surfaces.


Survey Nail & WasherExclusively from Berntsen, the DuraNail series is available in eight sizes, each featuring highly a highly magnetic element easily aligned with The Magnetizer, which is included in each bag of nails.


The Steel Nail Marker is designed to be driven into blacktop with ease and stability. Made of super strong solid steel, “SURVEY MARK” is clearly imprinted on top of the nail making detection and identification easy to spot. Three inches in length with a 1” (25mm) convex top, it features a conical recessed center camber for pinpoint accuracy on site.


Our selection of MAGNAILS and MAGSPIKES boasts a revolutionary metal formula aimed at retaining magnetism for extended periods of time. MAGNAILS are available in five sizes, each featuring a larger center-point and increased elasticity for a dramatic reduction in breakage. For the ultimate in durability, we offer four separate sizes of MAGSPIKE nails each consisting of premium steel and zinc plating to further resist corrosion. With a 1” head, it’s a great option for control points and property corners.

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