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Berntsen Plastic Utility Stakes

Lightweight & Durable Plastic Stakes that Clearly Mark Underground Utilities

These plastic stakes are great for the utility staking of water lines, sanitary sewer lines, storm sewer lines, gas lines, electric lines, etc.  Mark this plastic stake with a permanent marker for further Plastic utility stakes for marking underground utilitiesidentification or use the center hole at the top of the stake to attach flagging for even greater visibility.

These Plastic Stakes can be used in all types of construction staking:

  • Subdivision Staking
  • Utility Staking
  • Building Layout
  • Building Setback Certifications
  • Site Drainage Certifications
  • Road & Bridge Layout

Plastic APWA color-coded Utility Stake Features:

  • Lightweight & takes up 75% less storage space than wood (a box of 200 fits easily under your arm)
  • Durable yet very flexible - will bend back to original shape when stepped on
  • Half moon shape designed to increase stake strength
  • Uneven, jagged head that helps prevent hammer from slipping
  • Flat surface for writing with permanent marker
  • Convenient 1 cm hole for attaching additional rope or flagging
  • Available in seven bright, APWA color-coded, easy-to-spot colors

Plastic stake for marking underground gas utilities

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