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FENO Driveable Anchored Survey Markers - super-secure, super-fast, no digging

A super-secure monument that requires no digging! The galvanized FENO  monument is as easy to drive in as any rod monument, and when the 6-step process is complete, the marker has 'roots' that anchor it into the ground. 

The FENO anchored survey mark system offers a unique solution to surveyors who want to use a small, easy-to-drive, quality galvanized steel survey mark. Using the unique FENO concept, two conditions must be fullfilled in order to guarantee the correct position and the secure placement of marks:

1. It should be possible to move a temporary mark into a permanent position. If the marker is fitted with wings or lugs (or any other type of anchoring device) this is not possible.  However, with the FENO system, the position of the marker can be easily changed at any time prior to the extension of the anchors.

2. Once the marker has been finally positioned, it must be possible to lock the marker firmly and securely in the ground. With FENO markers, when the correct position has been achieved, the strong steel anchors can be extended to secure the marker into position, much like the roots of a tree.

Easy to use

Using a hammer and inexpensive driving and fixing tools, the marker can be installed in all soil types.


Many alternative methods cause problems and are more costly - digging a hole, mixing expensive concrete, stakes being run over or moved. With the FENO marker you get down-to-earth reliability. Strong steel pins lock securely in the ground and stay put.


A FENO marker can be installed in just minutes.

The FENO Monument is available in three standard lengths: 350mm (13.77 inches), 600mm (23.62 inches), and 1000mm (39.37 inches)

For installation instructions FENO Monument Installation Instructions
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