Letter & Number Decals: Reflective and Vinyl Die-Cut

These outdoor-quality, ready-made alphabets and numeral sets meet the Federal Highway Administration's specifications.  You can apply them to identify equipment, to enumerate sites and to specify mileage, route Carsonite Letter & Number Decal Sheetsnumbers, dates and times on signs, posts and other decals.

Die-Cut Letters & Numbers

Available in a variety of colors to suit any need, Carsonite's die-cut letters and numbers come in sheets suitable for storage in standard three-hole binders.  Reflective or non-reflective self-adhesive material in letters and numbers are also supplied on sheets in white or any color on a solid color background (specify colors).  The sizes are 1", 2", 3" and 4".

Symbols per sheet:

1" solid or 1" die-cut: 70 per sheet
2" solid or 2" die-cut: 28 per sheet
3" solid or 3" die-cut:   6 per sheet
4" solid or 4" die-cut:   5 per sheet

For sizes, designs & colors not found above please contact customer service at 1-800-518-0934 for pricing and availability.


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