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Carsonite Line Marker Round Top - for marking buried utilities

The Carsonite Utility Line Marker includes all the features of a highly effective marker built with economy in mind.  The Line Marker has a 3.5" diameter white post with a 3.8" enhancer for maximum visibility.  It's supplied with a T-anchor that prevents rotation of the marker, so directional information remains fixed plus a domed cap that keeps dirt, moisture and insects out of the tube.  Ideal for marking utilities and rights of way.  The Line Marker is made from an impact resistant thermoplastic elastometer proven in field applications to remain durable for many years, resisting impacts and environmental conditions.

Free Factory Decal Application

Combined with a Carsonite post or marker, these decals create an extremely durable, cost-effective signing system engineered to resist vandalism and harsh environments.  When you purchase Carsonite posts/markers AND any of the decals/sheeting, we'll apply it at the factory at no extra charge.  Be sure to indicate which decal is to be applied to which post when ordering multiple items.

Carsonite Product Specification for Utility Line Marker

This specification covers the minimum material and performance for the Carsonite Line Marker.  The Carsonite Line Marker shall be cylindrical polymeric marker mounted on a 3.5" O.D. post and may be used for the identification of buried utility services.  These markers may be used in road right-of-ways and installations requiring 360° visibility, good outdoor durability, and impact resistance.

Click here for complete LineMarker specification

Carsonite Linemarker Utility specifications



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