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Nodal Surveying Prisms

If you’re interested in getting incredibly precise angle and distance measurements at short range, the affordance of the nodal system’s static apex might be the preferred option for you. We offer both the SECO Eclipse 62 mm Nodal Point Survey Prism model as well as SECO’s 62 mm Nodal Point Survey Prism. Both models are perfect for land surveying or construction site preparation tasks.

The Eclipse features water-resistant, nitrogen-charged 62 mm prism canister construction and a reversible target for maximum versatility in the field. It also has the ability to function at a -40 mm offset, offering optimal angle measurement regardless of horizontal or vertical tilt. 

SECO’s Nodal Point Survey Prism Assembly features 0, -30, and Nodal’s -40 offset positions. It has a 62 mm prism, which is silver-coated and boasts .5-second accuracy. We offer both orange and what as well as black and white reversible targets.


SECO Survey Prisms Video - Measuring Prism Heights

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