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Survey Nails & Survey Washers for Asphalt

When it comes to survey marking equipment, we’ve got the supplies you need. We stock a wide variety of survey nails and asphalt nails as well as highly detachable washers for every marking job.


Survey washers and survey nails for asphaltExplore our product pages for a wide variety of Duranails, Magnails as well as steel nail markers to fit almost any kind of washer.


We also offer brass, aluminum, and stainless steel washer varieties with full customization at no additional charge if you order over 100. Compatible with Berntsen’s SNM-1 Steel Nail Marker for asphalt, we make it easy to meet your project’s supply needs all at once.


In addition to survey nails and washers, we also carry plastic hub discs for highly visible survey marking. At 1 ½” in diameter, these washers are bright yellow on one side and fluorescent orange on the other with “SURVEY MARKER- DO NOT REMOVE” printed boldly in black. Compatible with our 1” and 1 3/4” DuraNails, MagNails, and PK nails, these are a great option for those looking for an alternative to metal washers.

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