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SubSurface Magnetic Locators

SubSurface Magnetic Locators

ML1M. The ML-1M magnetic locator with digital meter provides visual signal strength, polarity indication, gain setting plus battery life display. Some of this models features include: Easy keypad switches - no knobs, and a microprocessor that retains volume and gain settings from the last use. The ML-1 & ML-1M by Subsurface Instruments are the result of over 100 years combined experience in designing, developing, manufacturing, selling, and repairing magnetic locating equipment. Includes soft padded zipper case.

ML1. The ML-1 magnetic locator is a non-metered version of the ML-1M magnetic locator. Includes soft padded zipper case.

Includes 7-year warranty!! 100% covered except for abuse, chemical or water damage. You may never need to pay for repairs again.

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