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Carsonite Facility Symbols, Posts, and Signs for Hiking and Camping

Carsonite Fiberglass recreational trail signCarsonite hiking and camp signs are specially designed to last long, even in the harshest environments. You can have peace of mind knowing that the posts will be there to guide your guests to the utilities and amenities they need. They’re perfect for marking outdoor recreation facilities, like ski slopes, walking trails, and campsites as well as local and national parks.

Clearly Communicate Crucial Information

Our variety of Carsonite symbols offers personalization options within a standard method of signage across a trail or park. This standardization gives visitors an expected, recognizable method of communication on Carsonite posts that are also:

  • Easy to use
  • Built to last long without any maintenance
  • Resistant to U.V. rays, harsh weather, chipping, and vandalism
  • Designed to be clearly visible for visitors
  • Customizable

Contact us for details on customizing your post, sign, or symbol

All of the Hiking and Trail Symbols You Need

Utilizing federal universal symbols for parks and recreation facilities, our selection includes signs and symbols for parks, hiking trails, and camping grounds. We also have a variety of land, water, and winter trail signs.

Our decals feature reflective white symbols against a brown background. If there are any prohibitive slashes, they’re shown in red.

They can easily be placed on any flat surface. Once these pressure-sensitive decals are placed, and the adhesive is released – they’re not easy to remove.

For a more convenient, cost-effective way to order recreation symbol decals, we recommend our post decal sheets. Fitting any standard three-ring binder, these 8½" x 11" sheets contain six 3" x 3" symbols along with three directional arrows

Carsonite Recreational Facilities Symbols

Our signage solutions can enhance your recreational spaces and help keep them safe. We offer a wide range of facilities symbols designed to inform and guide visitors.

  • RS-034 Parking
  • RS-035 Showers
  • RS-036 Viewing Area
  • RS-037 Sleeping Shelter
  • RS-038 Campground
  • RS-039 Picnic Shelter
  • RS-040 Trailer Sites
  • RS-041 Trailer Sanitary Station
  • RS-042 Campfires
  • RS-043 Trailer Shelter
  • RS-044 Picnic Area
  • RS-045 Kennel
  • RS-085 Laundry
  • RS-306 Electrical Hookup
  • RS-307 Motorhome
  • RS-308 Group Camping
  • RS-309 Group Picnic
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