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Innovation is the core of Berntsen's enduring success.

Berntsen International, Inc. is the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of survey markers. Our markers--which are all made at our headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin--are found in all 50 U.S. states, and in almost 100 countries worldwide. You can see them from the Nile River to the Panama Canal, from Antarctica to Saudi Arabia, from Madagascar to Singapore, from the bottom of Death Valley to the top of Mount McKinley. We have also created commemorative marks for many special projects over the years, including the Lewis & Clark bicentennial, the U.S. Forest Service centennial, the Center of Population project, and the Atlanta and Salt Lake City Olympics.


We invest in the people and technolgies that mark the infrastructure of the world.

The smooth operation of the world economy depends on knowing precisely where boundaries exist, where utilities are located, where property ownership starts and ends and where a wilderness path leads. Since 1972, we have been building that trust into every product we make, ensuring safety, precision and lasting quality in this and in future generations.

From our advanced metallurgy and forging processes to our patented RFID-enabled smart marking apps, Berntsen is the world leader in marking solutions wherever precision and durability are essential.

Today Berntsen offers a product line of more than 1,000 markers, monuments and identification products used in a range of industries, including surveying, utilities, construction and Parks & Recreation. We also create beautiful, unique custom markers and plaques.  

Our History

Berntsen International was founded in 1972 as Berntsen Cast Products based on a single innovative product created by Peter Berntsen and Phillip Peterson. The W-1-B magnetic aluminum survey monument was the first modern geodetic monument. It was lightweight, stable when set, and — because it was metallurgically sound — didn't 'self-destruct' in the ground.

Peter Berntsen's innovative monuments and manufacturing expertise combined with Phillip Peterson's international focus created the world's first truly international maker of durable monuments. "Berntsen" is the name recognized by land surveyors around the world.

Today, Berntsen markers are used to mark GIS / LIS networks, transportation systems, land boundaries, construction references, seismic monitoring networks — anywhere stable position is required.

Our InfraMarker® RFID-enabled asset management system is used by infrastructure managers to precisely mark, locate and manage infrastucture, including stormwater assets and more.

Berntsen 40th Anniversary LogoSelected articles from Berntsen's timeline:

"A Better Idea" - our first survey monument

"Meeting the Governor" - New Product Award

"Drawing on Experience" - Custom Logo Survey Markers

Wisconsin State Capitol Marker


Our Process

Berntsen uses orbital forging presses to manufacture its incredibly strong monuments that won’t deform when set. Orbital forging applies up to 2,000 tons of force to shape the metal markers. This precisely applied pressure "work hardens" the metal without heating. This process is highly efficient and sustainable – requiring far less energy and material that traditional casting methods.

Berntsen International was an early adopter of the quality principles of Dr. W. Edwards Deming. These principles are applied to every part of the business - that's why 99.2% of Berntsen’s customers say that our products and service meet or exceed their expectations... we're working on the other 0.8%.

At Berntsen, our mission is to help mark the world's infrastructure by providing high quality surveying products, and by supporting the surveying and asset management professions.  Over the years, we’ve donated more than a quarter million dollars toward scholarships and the support of professional organizations.


Professional Surveyor Magazine - March 2012 issue features a "Monumental" article on Berntsen's 40th Anniversary.
Berntsen International, Inc. celebrates 40 years of manufacturing and marketing survey markers. By Nancy Luse

Berntsen at 40 - ACSM Bulletin, December 2011In the December 2011 ACSM Bulletin, the article "Berntsen at 40" maps out our progression from a small cast products business in Wisconsin to an international manufacturer "Marking the Infrastructure of the World" since 1972.

Berntsen at 40 - Innovator since 1972


In 2004, the cover article of the September/October issue of The American Surveyor was a six-page profile of Berntsen International by writer and licensed land surveyor Angus W. Stocking.  You can download it here:
Berntsen: A Marked Difference
It's no secret why the world's largest producer of durable boundary markers works like a well oiled machine.  By Angus W. Stocking, LS


In September 2007, another American Surveyor cover article, about the development of Disney World, prominently featured custom Berntsen monuments - they may be the most popular monuments we've ever made! Download it here:
Mapping the World
How Forty-seven Miles of Florida Swamp Became a World-Famous Vacation Destination.  By Patty Winter



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