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Overview of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).


RFID is simple and versatile technology that verifies identity by marking any item with a unique ID that is transmitted via radio waves to tracking or mapping software. RFID does not require line of sight and transmits at ranges up to 120 feet, and through material like asphalt, concrete or soil.

RFID has been used for decades to track everything from library books to highway tolls to manufacturing inventory. Today, more and more industries rely on RFID for product tracking and verified asset management.

Quick Facts about RFID

InfraMarker® Connected RFID

The first turnkey solution for asset management that provides a complete solution for managing any type of asset using verified asset ID and location.

Designed for managing assets distributed over geographic areas, InfraMarker Connected RFID uses a geographic information system (GIS) platform and globally-compliant RFID technology to provide real-time and historical views of assets. The versatile InfraMarker middleware can be configured to launch field workflows to document inspections and repairs while generating compliance data needed for regulated industries.

InfraMarker works with Esri’s ArcGIS Survey123 and ArcGIS Field Maps data collection tools, making it easy to quickly locate, verify and update field assets.

Quick view of InfraMarker verifying stormwater assets in the field:



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