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Plastic Utility Markers Offer a Low Impact Alternative

From subsurface asset location to simple damage prevention, we’ve grown accustomed to the unsightly markings that stain both our urban and rural landscapes.

While these “high impact” markings provide excavators with crucial short-term reference points, low impact alternatives present some important practical advantages in addition to keeping these marking das utility markerpoints out of the public eye.

Although 811 “Call Before You Dig” resources will continue to be an essential step of the digging process for years to come, a lack of permanent signage alerting homeowners, contractors and other excavators of nearby assets can sometimes lead the less experienced among us to move forward without contacting these services at all. 

Versatile plastic utility markers provide the best of both worlds: brightly colored warning and location markings that don’t stand out in public, eliminating property complaints while providing a long-term marking solution that far outlives the spray paint and other temporary techniques used today.

Let’s take a closer look at these plastic marking alternatives and the benefits they provide:

Prevent damage and make locating easier with permanent low impact plastic markers

Buried utilities and other assets often lie in places where conventional signage can’t be used. 

Utility Soil MarkerPermanent low profile plastic markers ensure proper marking is carried out prior to each project by clearly identifying buried assets or informing excavators to call in for a full set of markings before moving forward.

Permanence and durability

Unlike spray paints, plastic markers last years at a time, making costly remarking projects a thing of the past. Once the powerful adhesive cures, these markers can only be removed with a hammer and chisel -- a testament to their ruggedness and remarkable durability even in punishing outdoor conditions. 

Concerned about long-term sun exposure? Independent lab tests have shown only minor fading over the course of 30 years in constant outdoor use. 

For even greater protection, Duracast Style Markers offer additional abrasion and UV light resistance using layers of UV-inhibiting, impact-resistant materials to guard against yellowing and fading as well as chemical and mechanical abrasion.

A highly visible alternative  

Low impact plastic markers provide high visibility without catching the public’s attention. Berntsen’s line of plastic utility markers feature bright APWA colors in both reflective and non-reflective styles, making them stand out to maintenance crews and locators while remaining hidden from public view.

Easy installation

Worried about complicated and costly installation tools? Plastic marker adhesive requires no mixing and can applied and pressed into place in just seconds.

Effective in a variety of applications

Just like traditional spray paints, plastic utility markers can be used to give locators a reference point to a variety of different assets. A-TAG Pavement Markers, for example, can be embedded and recessed into concrete and asphalt to display warning messages, identify sidewalk or road patches, display information about specific subsurface assets or simply encourage the use of Call Before You Dig services in a particular area. 

Plastic storm drain markers help teach the public about keeping untreated waterways clean while promoting environmental protection by avoiding harmful spray paints.

Plastic soil markers help eliminate the complaints that arise when crews use marker posts throughout their property by using colored disks to locate buried drops, stub ends, valves, hand holes, manholes, test stations and more. 

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