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Countersink Drill Bit Video from Berntsen Concrete Markers

Countersink Drill Bits for Berntsen Concrete Markers now in all FOUR sizes!

Save time, labor & money....a quick and easy way to set perfectly recessed concrete markers fast!

"The greatest thing since sliced bread! This countersink drill bit has really made life easier for me." - Jim Frame, Frame Surveying, Davis, CA

"The countersink drill bit we purchased to install Berntsen Concrete markers works PERFECTLY! We scheduled 2 days labor and ended up only using about 5 hours. It's very handy, still in great shape and paid for itself the first time we used it." - Jake Teegarden, Vasconcelles Engineering Corp., Springfield, IL

The CAPMAG ceramic magnet can be used with concrete markers to assure easy detection of the mark by a magnetic locator. Dimensions are 1/2" (13 mm) in diameter and 1/4" (6 mm) long. Can be located up to 4 feet (1220 mm) deep with a magnetic locator.

FASTPLUG. Anchoring Cement is a hydraulic-type concrete. It expands while it dries and is great for setting all types of stem-type survey markers in existing concrete or rock. For best results use "drinking quality" water. Sets quickly and is easy to use. Available in 4lb. and 10lb. cans.

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