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Utility Pipe & Cable Locators

Schonstedt's locators have been setting the standard for reliability and dependability for nearly a half century. Schonstedt's Pipe & Cable Locators are extremely effective and versatile tools for locating underground utilities including cable TV lines, fiber optic lines, gas lines, irrigation lines, tracer wire, power lines, streetlight wiring, water lines and sewer lines.

When you need to find a pipe or cable underground, our locators help you find it faster and easier. Schonstedt products are designed to withstand the rigors of daily field usage in a wide range of environmental conditions.

Schonstedt's Principles of Pipe & Cable Locating


Pipe and Cable Locators have both a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter induces an electric charge to an object which is detected by the receiver. The transmitter is like a radio station that's putting out a signal which is picked up by the receiver. Just like radio stations, transmitters use different frequencies.

Schonstedt offers two basic types of pipe and cable locators:

The XTpc : This is the most portable pipe & cable locator with an expandable and retractable body and a pocket-sized transmitter. It is made in two frequencies. The XTpc is the best choice when:

  • Locating is done infrequently and simplicity is a plus
  • The excavation project is medium to small size
  • Distances are relatively short (under 300 ft)
  • The environment is rural and less congested

Schonstedt XTpc Utility Locator

The XTpc is made in two frequencies. In general, 82kHz is useful in tracing gas and water lines while 33kHz is a better choice for tracing electrical lines. The XTpc has a sonde or passive cathodic mode. You select a single frequency before purchase.

The XTpc has direction arrows, signal strength and depth readouts, as well as "continuity" or "good connection" indications on the transmitter.

The XTpc is an extremely portable, easy to use locator with a cost-effective feature set. It's an ideal choice for the occasional user. .

Product Comparison Summary


  • Single Frequency (choice of two options)
  • Extremely Portable Transmitter Fits In Your Pocket
  • Cost Effective Feature Set for Occasional Users
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