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Schonstedt Instruments

Schonstedt stands as a global leader in top-notch products and tools designed for utility, surveying, and excavation locating. Leveraging innovative HeliFlux dual-sensor technology, Schonstedt Magnetic Locators efficiently detect magnetic fields emitted by buried iron objects.Schonstedt magnetic locator comparison chart


Schonstedt Magnetic Locator and Pipe & Cable Locator Trade-In Program

Contact Berntsen Customer Support at [email protected] or 1-800-518-0934 to get your order and trade-in processed.

Trade in an old Schonstedt unit and take $110 off the price of a new Schonstedt locator.

Trade in a competitor's magnetic locator and take $150 off the price of a new Schonstedt locator.

  • One trade-in credit per each new unit purchase.

    • When trading in a REX, both the receiver and transmitter are required for one trade credit.

    • When purchasing and MPC-REX, two trade-in units will be allowed for each new MPC-REX purchased.

  • Trade-In Program does not apply to LOKI, u-LOCATE or u-LOCATE+ units.

  • Traded units must be taken out of service completely, by destroying the equipment so it is no longer usable or serviceable. Picture documentation of the destroyed equipment, displaying the serial numbers, is required at time of purchase.

  • Traded units will not be eligible for repairs of any kind.

Schonstedt Magnetic Locator Video

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