Rothbucher System Product Catalog

Reflective Targets & Prisms
  • Improve precision and accuracy of total station measurements
  • Clearly mark control and monitored points permanently

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Survey Aerial Targets & Aerial Paneling

Aerial Targets can be secured at a predetermined point of reference to mark a target position for a fly-over.  These stitched, 4 mil PVC targets are manufactured with reinforced grommets in each corner, used to secure the marker to the ground.  Two patterns are available to meet your project needs, the Bulls-Eye and the Iron Cross.

Aerial Paneling for mapping and surveying jobs can be easily placed along a predetermined perimeter of an area to be photographed.  These reusable, 4 mil PVC panels save time and labor costs in your aerial project.

See a webinar from Georg Rothbucher on how to use his Scanner and Drone Targets

Make Scanner and Drone Targets Work for You from InfraMarker on Vimeo.

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