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Survey Drone and Aerial Targets 

Drone and Aerial targets serve as useful reference points to mark a target position for photographic survey flyovers. Discover our selection of aerial targets, aerial panels, and drone survey targets.

Survey Aerial Targets & Aerial Paneling

Aerial Targets can be secured at a predetermined point of reference to mark a target position for a fly-over. These stitched, 4 mil PVC targets are manufactured with reinforced grommets in each corner, used to secure the marker to the ground. Two patterns are available to meet your project needs, the Bulls-Eye and the Iron Cross.

Aerial Paneling for mapping and surveying jobs can be easily placed along a predetermined perimeter of an area to be photographed. These reusable, 4 mil PVC panels save time and labor costs in your aerial project.

Ground Control Targets for UAV and Drones

Get the most accurate survey targets with Berntsen drone targets.Increase the precision of your surveying with high-quality Drone and UAV targets. Our targets are made to withstand even the harshest conditions, so you can get the job done right.

Drone Target Features: 

  • Targets, 350x350 mm
  • Survey points for use with drones
  • Can be fixed to the ground with tent pegs
  • Multifunctional
  • Waterproofed
  • Ideal for use up to a height of approx. 100 meters 
  • Marker visibility is device and weather-dependent
  • For heights above 100 meters, we recommend the hinged ground markers RSL512XL

The RSL512 and RSL532 ground markes are printed on both sides.
Depending on the background, the lighter or darker side can be used.

See a webinar from Georg Rothbucher on how to use his Scanner and Drone Targets

Make Scanner and Drone Targets Work for You 

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