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Specialty Prisms for Mining, Tunneling, Monitoring and Rail

In order to fit your project’s particular needs, Berntsen offers a wide range of specialty prisms in a number of different designs and styles. Whether you’re looking for a prism suited for frequent movement and temporary placement or a more permanent installation, our high-end inventory of specialty prisms can be utilized for a variety of construction and inspection tasks.


For long-term surveying and construction site preparation operations, the Walleye Prism System from SECO offers surveyors a lightweight design as well as the affordance of five mounting holes which allow the prism to attach to a number of different surfaces. In addition, we offer separate component pieces, which can be interchanged to fit your precise needs.


Construction Monitoring PrismFor operations requiring street monitoring, we offer the SECO Street Mounted Prism capable of secure street and pavement attachment. Its low profile design and sturdy metal construction gives surveyors a non-invasive option for ground and road measurements in a number of applications.


If you require accurate building monitoring, SECO’s 25mm Building Prism features a simplified design and super-sturdy construction optimized to fit building surfaces in particular.


For projects requiring dynamic prism movement, the SECO Mini 25mm Prism Tilting Holder offers moveable components designed with precision tilting in mind. Set to a -17mm constant, it features a tilting axis height of 30mm. In addition to the Mini Holder, the standard sized Prism Tilting Holder has the added bonus of rotation when used with a plug-in pin. This model is also available with -30mm, -34mm and -35mm constants.


For even more dynamic holder capabilities, SECO’s Precision Prism Tilting Holder with Quick Release offers the same structural affordances of an aluminum construction and variable prism constant with the added bonus of a quick release mechanism.


All models are optimized for land surveying, construction site preparation, mining, tunneling, rail, and general monitoring operations.

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