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The Schonstedt XTpc Pipe & Cable Locator


Schonstedt's innovative designers have created the most portable locator available today. The XTpc delivers the only complete locator system which you can carry on your tool belt. You can fit the industry's smallest transmitter in your hand or pocket.

The Schonstedt XTpc Pipe & Cable locator extends for greater sensitivity & retracts for easier carrying

The XTpc features simple one-hand operation with all controls in easy reach of your thumb. The controls and the LCD display area are large and easy to understand. Clear direction arrows facilitate easy locating and foolproof centering.

The XTpc operates in passive mode, three different active modes (conductive, inductive and clamp), and a sonde mode. This extremely versatile locator also features single button depth calculation. Simply place the receiver over the target and press the depth button. The Schonstedt XTpc is made in two frequencies. In general, 82kHz is useful in tracing gas and water lines while 33kHz is a better choice for tracing electrical lines.

Additional features include:

  • Available in either 33kHz or 82kHz
  • Sonde or passive cathodic function
  • Digital signal strength readout
  • Variable frequency audio
  • Manual or Automatic gain control
  • Volume control, plus earphone jack
  • Battery indicator on both receiver and transmitter
  • 50hz or 60hz power line locating capacity
  • The transmitter includes a current meter and adjustable power levels
  • Uses rechargeable batteries - auto adapter/AC charger included
  • Backed by a three-year warranty which is the longest in the industry
  • No periodic calibration is required

Standard Equipment
The XTpc comes with an extensive package of standard equipment including:

  • Retractable receiver
  • Transmitter with NiMH rechargeable battery pack
  • Transmitter battery charger for 120VAC or 12 VDC
  • Standard size conductive clip assembly, with 6' leads
  • Stainless steel ground stake
  • Tool belt with receiver holster and accessory pouch
  • Duffel carryall bag

Download Schonstedt XTpc Specifications


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