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RS11 Benchmark & Level Markers

Protect your work and avoid costly mistakes on the building site. For verification and documentation of measurement points. Defining survey points in a new way.

RS11 Level Marker in action. No more pencil marks or nails. These benchmarks are aleady standard on many building sites and are increasingly specified by architects.

Rothbucher Systeme’s RS11 Smart Datums are the best way to maintain precision through any project’s entire life cycle

Working with concrete? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could set one high-precision reference for elevation and major axes, and be absolutely certain that the mark will stay put for the entire project, and remain available for later verification? Rothbucher Systeme R11 Smart Datums are the advanced survey markers—now standard in much of Europe—designed to do just that.

The RS11 transfers the precision of your total station or laser level to the wall, more so than a chalk line or pencil mark ever will.

These highly evolved, next generation construction references take advantage of the simple fact that in much of today’s tilt up and cast-in-place concrete construction, concrete remains exposed, without plastering or stucco. By mounting the Smart Datums to formwork, an unmistakable negative impression is permanently embedded in concrete, forever monumenting the hard work you’ve put into establishing control.
Smart Datums can also be set as needed directly onto concrete and other surfaces. Invaluable when moving large slabs and maintaining precision in high-rise and commercial construction, Rothbucher Systeme markers are always a smart choice for ‘top gun’ surveyors and construction layout specialists.
Great for backsights, check shots, elevation references and monitoring situations, ‘Smart from the Start’ Rothbucher Systeme markers are the best way to take advantage of your investment in high tech survey equipment. Save crew time, keep employees out of danger, get better data, and feel more secure about construction layout: can you afford not to use Rothbucher Systeme markers?

RS11 Level Marker

  • New Construction Laser Level MarkerFor construction without plaster work.
  • To ensure the security of the surveyed measurements.
  • To ensure the security of established height ratios.
  • For use in door and window frames.
  • To ensure the security of axes.
  • Mounted in the form work with negative imprint in the concrete.

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