L-Bar Mini Prisms

The SECO 6600-02 and AdirPro 720-06 are copper-coated mini prisms held in waterproof aluminum housing by a sturdy aluminum L-bar holder. Special dirt and condensation-resistant coating keeps the prisms’ reflective surfaces clear without requiring regular maintenance and the tight fit of the holder prevents water issues.

Stand the mini-prism on any flat surface for temporary use, or securely attach the L-bar Mini Prism to a wall or structure for long term use, in any weather. These prisms are perfect for deformation or mining surveys, land surveys, mining, tunneling, rail, monitoring, and other places where a permanent mounting is needed. Anodized aluminum construction offers durability along with resistance against moisture and dust.


  • AdirPro 720-06 – Offset: -25.4 mm.
  • SECO 6600-02 – Offset: -25 mm.
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