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SECO Survey Prisms

Designed and constructed with the needs of land surveyors and construction contractors in mind, SECO Prisms provide a means of measuring extremely accurate shots quickly and easily, shortening the time between each measurement and allowing for more efficient workflows on site.


SECO Survey PrismUnique to the SECO Prisms, they feature simple stainless steel locking mechanisms, making the task of securely setting the device easy even while adjusting the target tilt independently.


Available in both 5.5” X 7” and 6” X 9” target sizes, SECO Prisms are able to suit a wide range of project types. In addition, each device can be ordered in a variety of highly visible color styles:


            • Yellow

            • Glo Orange

            • Glo Yellow


In addition to optimal flexibility and a sturdy locking system, the devices’ 62mm silver-coated prism are protected inside a heavy-duty canister and o-ring, preventing environmental elements such as dust and moisture from getting inside.


Each of these prisms can operate at a tilting axis of 115MM at either the 0MM or -30MM offset position depending on the specifics of a particular surveying or monitoring project.


SECO Survey Prisms Video - Measuring Prism Heights


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