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Long Distance Smart Targets for Construction Sites

 Long distance construction targets for measuring

Long distance target reflectors measure in three dimensions



Rothbucher Systeme’s RSAKZ6 Smart Targets are the quick, safe way to monitor subsidence in bridges, towers and buildings

The Rothbucher Systeme RSAKZ6 Smart Targets are widely used in Europe for monitoring situations, where surveyors and technicians expect to return often to measure for subsidence or other displacement. The 60 x 60 mm reflective target, with high-contrast cross hairs, give accurate readings in three dimensions. Conventional total stations will get readings at up to 750 feet, and reflectorless models can read these low profile markers at maximum range. Sturdy protrusions protect the reflective surface from scratches and dings.

Long distance construction targets for monitoring bridge construction

Easy to set with epoxy or bolts, like all Rothbucher Systeme markers, the RSAKZ6 Smart Targets are the modern way to keep crews out of dangerous situations, while also getting more accurate shots thanks to the elimination of prism offset.

Great for backsights, check shots, elevation references and monitoring situations, ‘Smart from the Start’ Rothbucher Systeme markers are the best way to take advantage of your investment in high tech
survey equipment. Save crew time, keep employees out of danger, get better data, and feel more secure about construction layout: can you afford not to use Rothbucher Systeme markers?

Smart Targets RSAKZ6

  • Long distance surveying target RSAKZ6Carrier plate for 60 x 60 m target reflector
  • For ensuring the correct measurement of heights and axes.
  • For levelling tile grids.
  • For industrial construction and hall construction.
  • For the quick and precise levelling of finsihed parts.
  • For the levelling of production and assembly lines.
  • Temperature and UV resistant.
  • Can be mounted  even on difficult surfaces.

Long distance monitoring target for dams.Smart Targets RSALU22

  • The RSALU22 measurement plaques have been specially developed for long distance measurements
  • Range from 400 to 500 meters.
  • The shape of the crosshair enables exact bearings to be taken from long distances

Please note: Smart Targets with target reflectors are exclusively recommended for carrying out distance measurements using a tachymeter or total station.

Smart Targets with cross hairs (without target reflectors) are available for the use of levelling instruments, theodolites and construction lasers.


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