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Carsonite Campsite Markers

Low-cost, high-quality marker for campsites & picnic areasCarsonite Campsite marker with Reserved / Available decal attached

For high visibility and easy identification, the Carsonite Campsite Marker is the perfect choice. This three-rail design combines structural integrity with above ground flexibility, as well as protection for decals.  Easy to install and lightweight for ease of transportation.

The reflective site identification decal is included, to clearly mark available and reserved campsites, even in low light and at night. Simply drive the marker into the soil, slide the site identifier to display "reserved" or "available" (Decal #4248 COE) and fasten with supplied hardware. Custom decals are available, and can be applied to the metal slider - up to 6" long. Add your park or campground logo, name or any message. Carsonite will apply decals at our factory to save you time and money.

Carsonite decals are manufactured from quality U.V. resistant materials which provides a tough weather, vandal and chip resistant finish.

Free Factory Decal Application

Combined with a Carsonite post or marker, these decals create an extremely durable, cost-effective  signing system engineered to resist vandalism and harsh environments. When you purchase Carsonite posts/markers AND any of the decals/sheeting, we'll apply it at the factory at no extra charge. Be sure to indicate which decal is to be applied to which post with ordering multiple items. (Applying more than one decal per post will incur an additional charge.)

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