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Survey Marking Flags

Presco's top-quality surveyor flags guarantee consistent communication and visibility for your project, whether it’s for current or planned construction or surveying.

Resilient against wind tears, they perform exceptionally well, even in extreme temperatures as low as -40°F. Plus, the flags are glued to steel wire made from a high-carbon alloy, offering strength and stability against bending.

Survey Flag Colors and Sizes

These land marking flags boast durable materials and long-lasting material colors. Their clear visibility helps support the success and safety of construction, surveying, and excavation projects. You can easily coordinate these flags with the APWA uniform color code. We also offer Glo flags in bright colors for higher visibility.

Our sizing options include:

  • 2” x 3” flags
  • 4” x 5” flags
  • 21” wire staff
  • 30” wire staff

Unprinted Survey Flags

For those seeking customization on-site, our unprinted flags offer a blank canvas for your specific needs. There is a minimum order requirement of 1000 flags or 1 box.

Printed Survey Flags

Our printed flags come pre-marked with essential information. Although there are limitations on multi-color logos and text, these flags can be customized to meet your needs. With a minimum order requirement of 5000 flags or 5 boxes, these flags streamline communication on the job site, contributing to project efficiency.

Marking Flag Tool

Crafted from resilient, rust-resistant machined aluminum, the Presco Marking Flag Insertion Tool offers both durability and functionality. Featuring a footrest and a padded handle for added comfort, this tool makes it easy to create holes in solid ground without having to bend down. For any inquiries, contact Berntsen today! Due to our partnership with Presco, we can ensure that these survey flags are readily available for your projects.

Best Practices for Marking in Various Terrains

  • Uneven Terrain: In hilly or mountainous areas, use longer wire staffs for visibility. Ensure survey flags are securely placed to withstand wind and weather conditions.
  • Urban and Developed Areas: In these settings, prioritize safety and visibility. Use brightly colored flags and consider reflective materials for high-traffic zones.
  • Wetlands and Water-Adjacent Areas: Opt for waterproof and corrosion-resistant materials. In these sensitive ecosystems, consider the environmental impact of your survey flagging materials.
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